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Nakara's Phiosophy

Nakara's Philosophy 

I believe that creating lasting change for health is about understanding that the body is an interlinking network of systems and that investigating all the different areas we can discover the root cause of any illness. This creates space for us to address any illness with a deeper understanding and allows us to create nutritional and lifestyle changes that can provide deeper and lasting health.

One of my passions is to be able to support my community in gaining access to reliable, non-biased health information empowering individuals to create sustainable lifestyle changes, making for a happier and healthier outcome. I believe that by facilitating a supportive environment where individuals know that they have complete control and the power to determine their own health outcome is a vital component to the success of any sustainable change. 

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This Months Testimonial

Nakara was extremely warm and welcoming upon meeting her at my first visit. She made me feel very comfortable and you could tell right away that she genuinely cared about my issue. I had been hitting a few road blocks while searching for answers about what was causing the ongoing issue in my gut. It was her care and attention to detail that led to her being able to provide me with some answers and then development plans and strategies to fix the imbalances that were present in my gut. Not only this but on multiple times she went above and beyond, doing further research to ensure that not only did she have a greater understanding of what was happening but that she could then explain it to me in a way that I would understand. I was very happy to find Nakara and would just as happily recommend her.

By Tim

Nakara's Services 

Nutritional Consulting
  • Evidence-based Nutritional Medicine

  • A comprehensive investigation of all health concerns 

  • Nutritional information Packs

  • Dietary guidance 

  • Supplementation advice

  • Access to nutritionally charged recipes 

  • Personalised health plan 

  • Functional pathology testing 

    • Food intolerance/allergy testing 

    • Inflammatory markers testing

  • Iridology reading ​

  • lymphatic facial massages (to relieve congestion) 

  • Blood Pressure examination 

  • Blood Glucose testing

  • Zinc deficiency testing

Nakara's Services

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Consultations are being held over Zoom throughout this Time.

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